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Leading Charter High School in Metro

Casey Robertson

Mr. Robertson comes from a family of educators, most importantly his paternal grandfather who was an English teacher, including journalism and drama, as well as a longtime coach for football and basketball and his mother, who started her career in special education. Following in their footsteps, Casey went to his parents’ alma mater, Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana as an undergraduate, where he majored in Secondary English Education, with a focus on teaching in urban environments and working with at-risk students. After graduating from BSU, Casey taught in a variety of educational settings, including public schools, private tutoring, and charter schools. He began working for e-Institute in the 2009-10 school year at their Surprise location as an English teacher. In 2013, Casey was promoted to assistant principal at the Metro location, and then in the following year returned to Surprise as a principal, where he remained for five years. In 2019, he returned to e-Metro as the principal.

Mr. Robertson feels strongly about the role of charter and alternative schools in modern education; traditional education is slow to adapt to the needs of modern society, leaving many students ostracized and disenfranchised at public schools. Charter schools provide a smaller environment that is more suitable to the individual needs of modern students, providing them with an opportunity to work at their own pace and on their own schedules. As the old adage says, “The children are our future,” but modern institutions of education often let their most at-risk students fall through the cracks, virtually ensuring that they will be trapped in a cycle of failure, poverty, and struggle for the rest of their lives. Casey feels that education is the only way to break the chain and ensure our collective future is a positive and productive one, filled with responsible and informed citizens capable of intelligent decision-making and critical thinking skills.


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Casey Robertson



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