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We Have Faith In Our Student’s Future

e-Institute is an Arizona Charter High School which offers students a unique, flexible, and rewarding high-school opportunity. The self-paced curriculum is ideal for students who desire to speed up or slow down the traditional high school experience. The flexible scheduling allows students to attend school at the times that are best for them.

Smarter Way To Go Finish High School

We provide a self-pace setting that’s ideal for students who want to speed up their graduation date or catch up on credits. Our flexible schedule makes it convenient for those students who have jobs or other responsibilities. We have two-four hour sessions five days a week.

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About Us

I can’t imagine a better school for my son, who graduated in November of 2010 with top honors. He is now a freshman at Glendale Community College, and has made the cut into the Honor’s Program.


I was behind on my credits and in not even a year, I was completely caught up on my credits as a senior and graduated on time. Great school!


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