Student Spotlight

Anastasio CarranzaAnastasio Carranza

If you stop by the Tri-City West Thornwood Boys and Girls Club any afternoon, you will see a bright-eyed, energetic young man running activities for younger kids or rippin’ it up on the basketball court ala Muggsy Bogues, proving height is no obstacle.

That young man is Anastasio “Cheeto” Carranza, an 11th grade student at e-Institute at Avondale and a dedicated member of the Keystone at the local Boys and Girls Club.

Keystone is a program of the Boys and Girls Club dedicated to developing Teen Leadership through community-based service, leadership training and positive life experiences. After “hanging out” at the Club since he was in grade school, Cheeto’s leadership potential was recognized by the Program Manager, Ms. Susana Pacheco, and he was invited to become a Keystone member.

School Newletter-September 2013-14Elise Phillips

Last year 2012, my family and I packed up and moved to Arizona from Illinois. It was hard leaving my friends behind but I was willing to try something new. I was very nervous about going to a real school because I grew up having “Home School”. When I first enrolled at e.Institute in Buckeye I had no school records. I had no credits to even start with so I was scheduled in Freshman classes. It wasn’t easy to feel that I had to start all over again in High School. My first day all the teachers were very helpful, kind and made me feel very comfortable. The teachers and staff at “e” were very encouraging and they made me believe in myself.

So far I have done great and I ‘m proud of my accomplishments. I finished half of the classes I need to graduate. It feels so good to know that I can look at my goals closer. I have worked very hard and been very consistent with my work. I don’t have to worry about absentees, because I’m at school every day. It does make a big difference because it matters helping with the quantity of work you can complete. Attendance helps us stay on track. This year (2013) I’m on my way to become a graduate. Thanks to the opportunity I was given at e-Institute.

Terry Matthews

Terry Mathews is a senior this year. He has come in and gotten RIGHT to work. Not only is he ahead of the game this block in his classes, but he has taken it upon himself to help other students in the Math Strategies class that is helping prepare the students for AIMS. He has be-come our official student tutor. Terry has a special ability to help his peers, and all of the teachers appreciate it greatly, as it is a huge help!

Justyn Roxey

Justyn Roxey graduated this month! He plans to join the military and defend our freedom. His favorite subject here at eSurprise was Physics.  His least favorite subject was English, and he was thankful for Mrs. Mead’s help. In his spare time he likes to ride his motorcycle, hang out with his friends, and watch his favorite show, Elmo.

Tyler Holt

Why do I go to E-institute… One reason I go to E-institute is be-cause I feel it is easier to excel at than a regular public school. E-institute is easier be-cause I am able to work at my own pace. I am able to do multiple lessons when it would take other schools a day or two to complete one. Another reason I go to E-institute is that there are few distractions. Everyone tends to do their work quietly and we are able to listen to our iPods. Lastly, I go to E-institute because the teachers are very helpful. They help every student to understand the problems they have with their lessons. They also don’t have over-filled classes, so they are able to help every-one who needs it. For these reasons, I chose e-Institute.